You’ve just closed on a house and spent countless hours trying to make it your home, when suddenly you notice your plumbing begin to slow. Then, a sewage odor replaces your new home smell and you notice your lawn becomes more damp than normal. These may be signs of a failing septic system and it’s time to give Austin Incorporated a call.

Septic Maintenance Services

We provide thorough septic system inspections and cleanings, helping you avoid costly repairs and potentially hazardous living conditions. We are based in central MN and service Albany, Long Prairie, Melrose, and Richmond and their surrounding communities.

We provide commercial, residential, and industrial septic services. From challenging septic installations and repairs to thorough cleanings, and anything between.

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Household items that can ruin your septic system:

  • A blue fry pan icon
  • Grease
  • A blue tissue box icon
  • Kleenexes
  • A blue baby wipes icon
  • Baby wipes
  • A blue bleech bottle icon
  • Bleach & other cleaning chemicals
  • A blue garbage can icon
  • Garbage disposals

The EPA suggests getting your system inspected and pumped at least every three years by a professional. This ensures any septic problems are addressed and your system flows freely.

Be careful what you put into your septic system. Anything flushed or washed down the sink has to be broken down in your system. When your system can’t break down material, it will back up and cause problems with your septic system.

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Simple Maintenance Tips

  • Practice caution when it comes to using septic additives. There is a lack of extensive research supporting the use of additives. Many times, additives do not benefit to the health of your septic system and in some cases can cause damage.
  • Don’t park, build, or plant anything over your septic system. This could damage it completely.
  • Learn the location of your septic system and keep a record of maintenance and repair.
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Know the warning signs of a failing septic system. Contact Austin Incorporated if you notice...

  • A soggy lawn
  • Sewage odors
  • Water back up
  • Slow draining