You’re breaking ground on a new project, practicing caution to avoid hitting a utility line. You’ve followed the plat map, flagging and tagging underground utilities to the best of your abilities. Should you be worried? Approximations only get you so far. The risk of being the slightest bit off in your estimations can result in a nicked line and massive damage. We can ensure you break ground safely.

Hydrovac Services

Our hydrovac services aim to reduce the risks involved with excavation, and can save you time and money. Our Hydrovac services offer a safe, non-destructive alternative to traditional excavation methods. Whether you’re working in frozen ground or clay, we can get the excavate with with minimal clean-up while keeping existing utilities and lines intact.

Why Use Hydrovac Services?

Our hydrovac Services allows you to excavate with confidence. It eliminates the risk of hitting lines, significantly reducing the chance property damage over excavation with a backhoe.

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Water running into a street drain

Advantages of Hydrovac Services

By combining pressurized water with a strong vacuum, our hydrovac services are the preferred excavation solution in applications where precision and efficiency are necessary. During the process, the ground is softened with our pressure sprayer and ground material is vacuumed into a tank. Dig with confidence.


Our hydrovac truck can be operated by a single person, reducing the cost and time required to excavate an entire using a full team.


Our pressurized water hose eliminates the danger of damaging underground utility lines, allowing greater safety and excavation precision.


Our powerful vacuum means no mounds of dirt to haul or work around. Our hydrovac services let you get your job done faster.


Our hydrovac truck isn’t confined by weather, small spaces or distance, making it ideal for almost every project in any season.